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Franciscans of South Florida are a Priest and Friar Order of the Franciscans, part of The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. The Old Catholic Church has its origins in the Roman Church founded in Holland by St Willibrord in the year 696.  We consider ourselves servants of God and his people; the parish and the community in general.

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Franciscans of South Florida

As followers of Jesus Christ and Saint Francis of Assisi, we consider Nature to be the supreme altar of the Great Builder of the Universe and have been performing the beautiful Roman Catholic Marriage Ceremony at this most suitable of locations for many years, performing them in English, Spanish or both. You can celebrate your Rite of Marriage amid natural surroundings or at any other place of your choosing.  Either choice will be perfect because both will be imbued with the greatest of Godís spiritual energy -LOVE!

Whether Catholic, non-denominational Christian or interfaith we all are Sons of the Almighty Heavenly Father.  Your union is the realization of the Divine Will in both your lives and we believe nothing should prevent your coming together in Holy Matrimony.

We invite you to contact us so we can get to know you better and discuss your hopes and dreams.  This is your day, so we will work to make it even more special by personalizing it during the homily or at the preaching of the word of God after the readings.

Among the other services we provide are the baptism of children, the delivering of the viaticum to the sick, and the final rite to the dying.  Assisted by a professional psychologist, we are also working to implement a program to help families struggling with existential and/or spiritual problems.  Grounded in psychology with biblical application, this program is named "Pages of the Bible." Also through our Ministry we have access to government funds that can assist in getting adolescents that have dropped out of school the help they need. Whether from drug abuse or not, this program is meant to help the family return these children to the right path.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve as the channel of your union in the sight of God, because by doing His work we too share in the blessings.

May God bless you and keep you.
May God's presence shine upon and be gracious unto you.
May God's presence be with you and give you peace now and forever.

>We are not affiliated in any way or form with the Archdiocese of Miami of the Roman Catholic Church, since we are the Old Catholic Church, for more information please visit the page of History<
Catholic Wedding Ceremonies Franciscans of South Florida, the most heartfelt performance for the Christian Couple.
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You are all fair, O Virgin Mary,
You never knew the stain of sin;

You are the glory of Jerusalem,
You, the joy of Israel,
You, the great honor of our people,
You, the advocate of sinners.
O Mary, Virgin most prudent,
O Mary, Mother most merciful,
Pray for us,
Intercede for us with our Lord,
Jesus Christ.
O Mother of God, bless all the couples
we deliver to marriage, so May the Grace
of our Lord descend and be with them
all along the way, and they stay at peace, love,
happiness forever.

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Part of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church
Under the canopy of heaven all of our blessings are manifested. Thanks be to God that brought us into existence, to be the most important part of his creation, and ask our divine souls, to keep us in communion with Him through our Lord Jesus Christ, who leads us to the final path of Resurrection and into the Kingdom of The Most Magnificent Light
Saint Pio of Pietrelcina Old Catholic Church